Activists’ Corner

by PES

PES Deputy SecGen Giacomo Filibeck banned from The Philippines!!

Our Deputy Secretary General, Giacomo Filibeck, was arrested on Sunday at Nactan-Cebu International Airport, in the Philippines, where he had travelled to learn about the government policy against drug dealers, which has claimed more than 6,000 lives in the last two years. 4,000 people have been shot by the police while resisting arrest and more than 2,000 have been shot by paramilitary units believed to be linked to the government. 

This is a trademark policy of President Rodrigo Duterte, elected on a 'war on drugs' ticket. 

Giacomo has been acused of 'illegal political activities'. In reality, he wanted to meet local representatives of the civil society and our friends from the local progressives from Akbayan Party. 

The government only has achieved to raise worldwide awareness of this humanitarian crisis. We won't stop to fight for justice. Anywhere!