Activists’ Corner

by PES

PES Europe ministers support activists’ work

In March this year, activists were invited to a PES ministerial meeting in Berlin! It was on the initiative of German State Minister Michael Roth, who wanted to endorse the work of our activists, true believers in the European project and critical of the neo-liberal shape Europe is taking in the last years. As he put it: “Narrow national interests will not solve any of the challenges ahead”.

It was appropriate, because the debate the Europe minister were having on that day was about social progress and making Europe work for the people. The then French State Secretary for European Affairs, Harlem Désir said that "social progress means convergence, but it must be an upward convergence”.

They all agreed that the EU is the greatest political achievement of the last two generations and praised the peace, stability and prosperity it has brought about.

The PES values the work and commitment of its activists very much. It was great to have them invited to one of our ministerial meetings so they could share their frustrations and expectations about the EU. It was also valuable information for the ministers, looking forward for the next time!


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